With the start of winter, some photographic opportunities have presented themselves. After another quite dry summer, it was nice to see a properly wet May and a decent start to June. I’ve been spending some time around Lake Bumbunga lately, taking advantage of the renewed water levels on calm evenings. It is a magical place when the weather is calm, creating a near perfect mirror on the horizon leading the land and sky into an almost infinite parallel with each other. I find it to be quite an inspiring sight.


Dumped tires in the lake show just how shallow and reflective the waters of this lake can be.


Some firey distance light creates awesome hues at last light. The dark stratocumulus formed on the Barunga’s that arvo, helped by seabreeze convergence, and added something else to the otherwise whitewash of cirrus skies.


Red algae lines where a previous shoreline stood. This lake, like many shallow lakes experiences rapidly changing water distribution. Even a moderate breeze is enough to cause currents and rapidly expanding shorelines.

Other than Lake Bumbunga, I went for a short local hike through the Spring Gully region of the Clare Valley recently. It’s starting to green up, and I headed out for an arvo to take advantage of winter light. It’s a refreshing little island of woodlands, offering a refuge from widespread areas of cleared land. Simply love the place.


A dead Red Stringybark, part of a relic population of the trees in the area, shines bright on a windy arvo.


Soaked Red Stringybarks create cool effects at sunset as winds batter the ridge. The bark isn’t usually this dark but after nearly two days of near 100% humidity and frequent showers, you could wring water out of the bark.


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