Storms, 10 October 2015

Some weak thunderstorms developed in the late afternoon over upper Spencer Gulf and spread into the upper mid north region. They appeared to respond to increasing moisture as they moved east strengthening into a couple of half respectable storms as the upper trough passed through. I chased the southernmost cell which traversed north of Gulnare and Spalding. There was a decent amount of lightning at times and a fairly solid rainshaft. The highlight of the storm was the incredible sky and colour it produced at sunset. The sky was absolute magnificent. Lightning was good at times with a high frequency of Cg lightning, some bolts pulsing up to 5 times.

The storm north of Gulnare with strongly contrasting colours.

Bundaleer reservoir with the storm behind. Lightning was frequent at this point with constant thunder.

A chaotic sky on the back end of the storm. The precipitation was falling down through the back edge of cells but this cell seems to be pulling it back in slightly from mid-level inflow. Made for a cool sky!

“Midnight Oil” house under incredible flaming skies. The whole sky it seemed was glowing orange.

An unbelievable display of mammatus in the mid north of SA.

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