Chance Happening

Sometimes luck is on ones side, and this morning was very much a case of this. I was expecting thick fog the next morning, however after a late night I thought screw it and opted for a sleep in. Interestingly though I woke half an hour before sunset by chance (this is a damn rare happening for me), with thick fog outside. I made a split decision to head to a high range and I was rewarded with an incredibly dense and widespread fog, the best I’ve seen yet. Being one of the only hills above the fog this morning, there’s a very real chance I was the only one to see it. While I doubt its hugely rare, finding the time to get up here at the right time, with the right fog makes moments like this quite elusive.

The sea of fog laps at the ‘shore’ of the hills, with a few bluegums managing to poke through. One of my favourite shots taken to date.

Looking back over Clare (somewhere under the fog). The fog is never as deep on this side of the range as the fold in which the Hill River lies creates a much broader valley which really aids fog development and depth. Still the trees and powerlines poking through, with first light cutting over the range casting huge shadows is an inspiring sight.

The broad valley of the Hill River is completely fogged over, flowing south. You’ve got to wonder if sheep or indeed animals notice the beauty on mornings like this.

Only the southern end of the Camel Hump Ranges and the hills around Burra north to Mount Bryan (seen as the defined mountains to the left of the image) join me this morning above the cloud.

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2 Responses to Chance Happening

  1. Love, LOVE, L O V E this series. The foggy, pastel colors are so peaceful and inviting!

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