Various Storms January 2015

3rd Jan

This day was quite a weak setup, however given bases approaching 3.5km I chased what was about, which turned out to be primarily on 3 separate convergence lines running nearly due north to south. Given the excellent inverted V sounding, the storms produced reasonable micro burst activity with gusts to 80km quite frequent with them that I observed. The strongest cell of the day was SE of Burra, however it was too far out for me too punch, so I watched it from 10km away do its thing, some nice bolts in there!

Dry microburst kicks out gale force winds whipping up dust. Only a few large droplets at this stage as the virga made its way to the ground. I rushed SE to catch the winds and for a brief few seconds it was absolutely howling.

Strong to gale force outflow winds from the Clare complex of storms whips up a large area of dust. This image as it had just passed me.

Cells dump life giving rain over the flats south-east of Burra. Lots of thunder!

B&W of the strongest storm I seen on this day. Managed to hold a black core for half an hour, and kicked out a decent rainfoot. Some bolts that seemed to decend from heaven itself occasionally dropped from the clouds.

8th Jan

I had hoped this today would produce something nice, however rain pretty much screwed the whole day but out of hope I headed north and seen a few okay storms. Certainly the ones east of Burra district were quite powerful storms getting up in clear air, but being in unchaseable country they may as well have been 200km away.

Classic ruin and thunderstorm shot.

Low wall-cloud like area right on the trough line, with strong southerlies blasting in. Nice scuddy dynamics with this near stationary cell.

Low scuddy area.

Scuddy outflow line on southern edge of cell.

Unsure of the name of this hill. Looked nice under this weak cell.

9th Jan

The beginnings of the rain event were to occur this day. Out of sheer luck the convection got going 50km north of Clare and concluded with a right moving cell poleaxing Clare producing the most bolts by far of any cell this day, as well as some flooding rain. The real moist thunder is something I seldom hear in SA but it was prolific with these cells, huge booming window rattlers from powerful Cg’s. I even managed to spot a few through the rain curtains and extremely low cloud bases. With humidity near 90% without cells, the outflow scud and inflow areas were damn near touching the ground. I feel spoilt to have seen these cells.

Right moving cell. I can only assume looking at the structure that this is a very low wall cloud as opposed to a shelf cloud as I originally thought. Can notice a little downward push under it nearly touching the ground. A strong LLJ would have made this day very interesting indeed.

A new cell forms to my west, scud is damn well near touching the hilltops (that range is 580m ASL).

Very heavy rain moving through Clare.

It rained out rapidly at this point and with close bolts dropping and it raining out I bolted home to watch the flash flood, good times!

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One Response to Various Storms January 2015

  1. You’ve had quite a field day this storm season Mark. Some beautiful landscape-storm photos in this collection. I can hear the wind roaring in the trees with those outflow winds, feel the dust stinging my eyes. Re “Unsure of the name of this hill” – very impressive hill – you’ve done it proud with that photo! “I bolted home to watch the flash flood” – I had a similar experience in a storm by chance maybe a couple of years ago in Burra – with so much sealed surface and hilly terrain I was quite impressed 🙂

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