Various Storm Images December 2014

A few storm events have occurred this month. The most pronounced was a very volatile setup through eastern South Australia, into Victoria and New South Wales which occurred on the 3rd. Cumulonimbus rapidly developed near a trough near Waikerie, and rapidly intensified. Almost all of these cells split, with a particularly potent left moving,  likely supercell, at the northern end of this and I had a decent view of it. I could have chased this day, but it was just a little far for me, i knew it would all contract into the other states by mid afternoon, just too far too drive to make it worth it. Li’s were below -6, with very steep mid level lapse rates, and 60knot 0-5km shear from memory with very linear shear created quite a favorable setup for splitting cells. Surface temps were up to around 35 with decent humidity (can’t remember the dewpoints), but bases were very high given the high temperatures.

Many of these cells went on to produce copious amounts of hail, likely large, although difficult to confirm given the isolation of some of these cells.

Strong updraught pulse punching through the anvil over no-mans land. Very Crisp. This was the left mover which would become quite a large pronounced cell.

Developing storm to the north-east of red banks. Strong mirages, these hills rising out of seemingly nothing.

The 14th presented some scattered mid-based storms in a remarkably calm surface environment, to move through Adelaide and generally southwards early in the morning. Whilst the two good cells were quite a distance away (for the most part 50km+), they were producing remarkably quality bolts, which still showed considerable detail at this distance. I captured a few from the roof, enjoying the distant light show.

The remarkable thing about this lightning bolt is it was 70 or so km away. How I managed to pull this much details in the stepped leaders from this distance through a rain curtain is quite amazing. Some wild sculptured cloud bases to go with it.

Closest bolt I caught this night. Had a spontanious cell chuck down two close-ish Gg’s (one about 3km away) and a cc directly overhead, only 2 second delay between flash and crack. Unfortunately I missed the 3km bolt by a mere second.

Clean Cg near the southern burbs.

Extremely hairy bolts over the southern gulf! If only this could have been closer. They were so far away that had that redness to them.

To finish off a fiery sunset, and for mine was up there with the best for the year. Classic receding mid level rain band at sunset.

Raining fire from the sky!

Models hinting at a dipping trough around Christmas, can only hope!

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