New goals

I’ve been feeling fairly uninspired lately to even get the camera out, however more recently I’ve had the time, and some alright conditions and I’ve taken a few shots I’m semi-happy with. I’ve realised that while my post processing could still improve, I need to focus on nailing composition much more. This is something I am planning to focus heavily on in the coming months to see what I can come up with. This seems to be an area I’ve been lacking in, out in the field I have been too sloppy with compositions. This leads to unenthusiastic editing and the production of very few pictures. Given I will be visiting some interesting areas in the next couple of weeks, I hope to up the game, and start producing work I’m consistently happy with.

This first image was from a while ago down at Hallett Cove. This was one of the last occasions where I shot in good light. The tide was particularly low and so I was able to head out onto the wave cut platform for quite a distance, which is pretty rare. This allowed me to shoot towards the cliffs, which I have seldom seem people do.

Brilliant light at low tide at Hallett Cove.

This amazing scene was during a morning where I was insomniac, and decided to go through a cruise through the hills early in the morning. I happened to luck out with some foggy condition around the place. This was mostly a right place at the right time moment. This image was a case of not having a long enough reach with my lens, 50mm just didn’t cut it.

Foggy scenes over Piccadilly Valley as viewed from Mount Lofty

The day before a solid enough storm event, we had moisture advecting in from the NNE, which coupled with coolish mids caused some weak storms around the place. They also produced reasonable amounts of hail around the place.

Weak thundery cell east of the Clare Valley back in early spring.

A day with gusts up to 100km on the plains left the crops battered and pushed over. Even during the evening the wind was still blowing hard from the south.

Windy conditions blowing wheat field around on the Blyth Plains.

An image I am quite fond of. This tree caught my eye when walking through these foothills one evening. It was dark and windy at the time, and these backlit clouds created a dramatic scene. The rain eventually put an end to the walk and it was a little cold but witnessing scenes like this never gets old.

This tree caught my eye the second I saw it. Something about it’s shape and commanding position on the hill made it special.

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3 Responses to New goals

  1. Beautiful image Mark. The foreground provides excellent leading lines. I’m glad to hear you say you want to nail your compositions in the field. It is something I preach to my students. We should always make the most of our megapixels!

  2. Photography – so much to learn!
    Improving our portrait-taking skills whatever they may currently be (mine are minimal) will always be valuable for the future too. Good luck with your current photographic challenges:-)

  3. Chris says:

    Those photos are very good Mark. Has inspired me to try and get back into photography.

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