Winter has arrived

It’s been a fairly average couple of months in South Australia. Fogs have been very prevalent, not so much frosts this year, and this is perhaps due to the higher than average temps being experienced. It has however been a very wet year so far in my home town of Clare, bucking a trend of pretty average rain throughout South Australia. It is really quite remarkable how through an area no more than 5km wide, we, almost every event have been receiving more rainfall than the entire mid north, and at times the Adelaide Hills which is unusual for this time of year. Near 450mm for this year as I type this entry, with at least an inch to come this week puts us up there with some of our wettest years on record, yet the year has been in terms of weather has been remarkably benign. We just keep getting extremely lucky, will it last? time will tell.

I was back during the weekend just gone in time to see a vicious cold front and cool pool move through. Before the cold front we had a high moving through, however rainfall earlier in the day and a calm night led to impressive fog building in the valleys, before the wind change swept it away earlier in the morning as the inversions broke.

On a hill top *just* above the fog, with perfectly clear skies and a very vibrant milky way, love nights like this. Seen a rather bright shooting star while shooting this ten minute exposure.

Given the high rainfall we’ve had, Clare and surrounds are extremely green at the moment, and I took the opportunity to go for some dirt road cruising to see the countryside. I went to the hills south-west of Clare, and was greeted with running creeks and plenty of roos. Out in Spring Gully stream showers forming onto the range led to some brilliant light when the sun managed to break through.

Magical light as a light shower cruises past to the south.

The plains themselves are looking quite vibrant themselves, the sunlight on the rain soaked land created a very vibrant and pretty view. A still intact stream of showers can be seen running to the left of this image, this was moments after the one affecting me had finally broken down.

Stream showers and vivid greens.

This road has a lovely view, the air so clear this day you could see past Gulf St. Vincent, some 80km away. The trickle of water past here made it quite peaceful.

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