My Local

One of my favorite places in the world is what used to be my local in the Clare Valley, is this high range to the east of the town. The reality is it isn’t anything special at all, however it has been my go to place for many years as the place to watch the sun rise, and to see amazing spectacles of fog, mist and frost. Compared to true mountainous areas it has nothing, and it is a heavily modified habitat, but there is still a little beauty to be seen on the right mornings. The range sits over 550m high in places, over a valley of about 400m, giving a broad downslope area, less so to the other side but still significant to act as a cold sink. This height gives it an essentially uninterrupted view to the east, over an area that loves to breed thick radiation fog and on some mornings, very cold air. I have personally seen – 6 degree mornings out here, which approaches South Australia’s record, however I’m not sure this area would quite crack what the more inland and higher areas can produce.

Anyway here are a few images I have captured in this area over the year, perhaps it is the fondness of home that makes it special to me, but even still I’m rarely disappointed when I head out here on a calm winters morning. The reason I bring this up? I rarely get back here anymore, I came here for the first time in over 3 months over the Easter break, and it wasn’t hard to remember why I liked the place so much, being rewarded by a magnificent sunrise.

A thin fog lays in the valley on what was a VERY dewy morning, my feet were drenched from walking through this grass.

Vibrant colour just as the sun rose.

Broad areas of fog lifting with the rising sun, a morning to remember.

In the ‘breeding grounds’, some distance from my hill, under a full moon.

Embracing the dry conditions on a rather windy summers morning.

And to end a spectacular sunrise on Eastern morning.


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