Morning thunderstorms, 15 March 2014

A strong jet was present overnight, and provided most of the basis for the potential for mid level storm development. Whilst storms fired earlier in the night, they quickly became rained out and it was only when the cold front surged up from the south-west did more discrete and lightning active cells start to form just ahead of the boundary. The strongest cell nailed Adelaide, producing a rather magnificent thunderhead before unleashing staccatos from the coast to the hills. A real treat to see, I find it isn’t often one gets to see the whole structure of a high-based cell.

I was down at St Kilda initially, watching the distant cells form as the front came in. Whilst the lightning was distant, it was very spectacular and the structure illuminated by the moon was a real treat to see.

The lightning became very infrequent at this point and the storms decayed into a rain area. However at this time the moon set, obscured by rain and was a perfect orange ball on the horizon. The camera picked up the light from the moon with a long exposure and the result was rather neat. It almost looks like a sunset!

I left after this point to head south towards a small cell moving towards Adelaide. Although it was behind the change it wasn’t dieing, so I had a feeling it might do something. This ended up being the best cell of the morning, as it nuked just off the coast and unleashed dozens of strikes over Adelaide. I was stuck on the Port River expressway at the time so I had to make use of the Barker Wetlands stop, which had obscured views for the most part, so I did miss much of the lightning but managed to get a few. I was also very unlucky with strikes frequently occurring between exposures, this seems to happen much to often to me haha.

A rather enjoyable morning and will tie over the SDS for now. More images and video will be added in the coming days.

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