Elevated thunderstorms 17-18 January 2014

This summer has been agonising in terms of storms, even as I write this over 5 weeks after the event I’m still yet to go on a proper chase or see any lightning since this night, and I’m not holding my breath for anything before winter rolls around. A genuinely shitty summer in terms of weather, one of the best in terms my personal life but boring as sheet weather wise. Not only that, it had been hot as hell until we received some torrential downpours (thank god) which washed away all the heat and greened it up a little, so at least for now temperatures are comfortable!

Anyway, there were fairly solid mid level lapse rates this night and mid level storms looked likely, and indeed it did deliver with quite a fantastic display of lightning, some quite close. Certainly the best I have seen since living in Adelaide. My results were far from great, however given the sheer lack of anything this summer I thought I would share them anyway. All of these are from down at Largs Bay. There were a few close ones but for the best part the storms went either north of south, with the south copping the onslaught, southern hills people being ideally placed to capture them, fish in a barrel type stuff. There was nice lightning later on, but I decided to sit back and watch it rather than shoot it. Sometimes it is just better to sit back and enjoy it without the distraction of the camera 🙂

Don’t mind the watermarks, they should say 2014 rather than 13 but I didn’t realise this until half were processed, woops!

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2 Responses to Elevated thunderstorms 17-18 January 2014

  1. itisnovember says:

    Very impressive landscape photography! Feel free to visit my blog, too. I think you might like it. Greets from Germany

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