Old edits

The weather conditions lately have been far from inspiring, stuck in a southerly to south easterly pattern has either meant we have had clear skies or we have been shrouded in gloomy stratocumulus. Not only is it a dull, boring cloud, it also fails to produce any interesting light 90% of the time, so trips lately have been non-existent. With the rediscovery of my old hard drive, I have found a host of images that I hadn’t got around to processing…until now. So yeah, given the lack of anything interesting here are a few images, mostly taken during the last year.

This particular morning heading out to Porters Lagoon was certainly a memorable one. A large band of cirrostratus was moving in from the west and lead to an incredible explosion of colour…right as I was driving to the location. I arrived just as the colour began to fade and within a minute it was mostly gone. While it was amazing to see, it was disappointing that I didn’t manage to get further out onto the lake, perhaps even to the water if I didn’t sink too much to have achieved a better composition. This lake contains a thick, oil like black clay just under the surface of salt that is extremely sticky and deep.

This next image was also from a very memorable morning, an incredible radiation fog formed overnight during calm and cold conditions, to a depth and extent that isn’t seen very often. It is probably the best morning I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. This image was taken minutes before the sunlight reached the hilltop I was on, the first pink glow and earths shadow can be seen. The extent of the fog can be seen as while the immediate valley contains a relatively small amount, the Blyth Plains in the distant are completely shrouded.

This next one was from an average morning light wise, but I came across this nice field of cut hay and decided to fire off a few shots. I really do quite like the end result of this one, trying to make the most of mostly clear skies.

This next one was taken at West Beach in Adelaide, the night before my final exam, and on the drive home from an exam I had taken that afternoon. I needed the drive more than anything and I’m glad I made the journey. The sun popped out from underneath a mid level rain band just before sunset, a classic event that produces some of the best light Adelaide sees. This area doesn’t see too many people, at least for the city, so was quite a peaceful for the most part.

Hopefully in the coming weeks some interesting weather occurs. It really is depressing living in a state that produces so little of the thing you love.

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2 Responses to Old edits

  1. itisnovember says:

    Nice work. Great tones in all of them!

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