Night-time Thunderstorms 21-22 October 2013

Unstable conditions lead to some solid storms this evening, especially west of about Adelaide. Some trickled through to the gulf, best we’ve had in quite a while.

These first few were taken from Grange, was really calm at the time, so being near the water was no problem for spray. Low tide = nice reflections.



I headed to Henley after this, and checked radar noticing more cells forming in from the NW, still very random but some nice Cg’s every now and then.

The storms over Yorkes went nuts for the next hour or so, some phenomenal strike rates coming from this. This 30 second exposure gives an idea. Pity it was so far away.

Closest cells of the night came through next, some close, brilliant bolts but very spontaneous. Best I got from them.

It got rained out at this stage, had one bolt land a few kilometres to the east of me, nice boom of thunder, closest for the night. Really quite good overall.

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2 Responses to Night-time Thunderstorms 21-22 October 2013

  1. Miles Peachfield says:

    Some outstanding photos Mark – well done!!
    Cheers – Unstable.

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