Evening thunderstorms 15 September 2013

Interesting event this day. There was much potential for some isolated severe storms in the afternoon with a strong divergent region from the SE exit of a jetstream, combined with a sheer profile with solid backing in the lowers to mids and a LLJ around 30 knots present throughout the day. Even with potential CAPE reaching 1300 j/kg, clouds struggled to form and we ended up with a sunny and windy day, thanks to moisture lacking for the storms to form. However with steepish mid level lapse rates, and a trough approaching into the evening, with these other factors, there was solid potential for mid based storms to fire into the night, and this eventuated.  Accas began forming rapidly as evening approached and around sunset the first bolts in central SA were observed. They formed northward along the trough, up to about Clare and down to the Fleurieu Peninsula. I was south of Clare at the time with a good viewpoint and watched as they fired just to my SW, CC’s at first and then CG’s. Whilst far from spectacular and quite low topped the few CG’s they put out were quite nice. The wind sharply turned at my location from the passage of the trough, with it, the storms spread rapidly SE and turned into more of a rained out mess. The initiation provided the most bolts over half an hour, but it rapidly turned into a messy line.  More fired in the Mallee areas and the South-East, but not worth chasing.

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